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What started out as an unfiltered, candid conversation a week back has turned into a massive backlash for Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul from all sections of the society. Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, who recently appeared in one of the episodes of Koffee with Karan, have the two been slammed by various sections of the society for their derogatory and misogynist comments, BCCI too has intervened and banned the two for the next ODI series.

Even Hotstar, the online streaming partner of the show, has pulled down the episode and all the teasers and promos of the episode from their social media handles. And what's more? A well-known brand which used to sponsor Hardik Pandya, too, has backed out from being a sponsor.

- I have always wanted to be a little different from what others are. Just came naturally to me, that's why I ask my parents so many times – 'You are sure that I am your child, right? You have not swapped me with anyone or something?' I do get influenced by the West Indies people and the black culture. I like that part – their way of being, their way of living their life and all. So, I get that.

- It's difficult to ask her name after talking for one hour and be like, "achha bhai bata tera naam kya hai?" There is so much to talk, man. How can I remember the name, it's so loud there.

- Not talking, just watching. Just watching and just observing how they move. As I said, I am a little from the black side so I have to see how they move first. I can imagine the picture about how they move.

- My family, I have been open about everything - virginity I lost, virginity only I can lose. I told them, "aaj karke aaya hai."

- The other day, I won't name which party, but, there was a party when my parents are sitting and they are are like, "achha, tera wala kaun sa hai?" And I actually sat with them and I was like, "ye, ye, ye. Sabke saath kuch na kuch raha hai mera." They were like, "proud of you, beta."

- When Karan Johar how did they decide who would go with the girl if both hit on the same girl, KL Rahul said, "It's up to the girl." To which, Hardik Pandya said, "Nahi, nahi. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Talent pe hota hai, leke jao jisko le jaana hai uska."

- Talking about his go to pick line, Hardik said, "Har-dik always!"