Google doodle on Friday, April 17, paid a heartfelt tribute to teachers and child care staff across the globe through its doodle series.

The doodle features a letter 'e' as a teacher wearing a pair of glasses, teaching his students online due to the strict lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

google  thanks teachers
google doodle thanks teachers

In its series of Doodle, Google continues to thank those sections of workers for their relentless and selfless work dedicated to saving the world from the chains of the novel coronavirus.

Doodle series thanks workers

The doodles have already thanked the medical staff, delivery and packaging unit workers, food makers for their relentless, selfless, dedicated work amid the pandemic threat.

The doodle shows a heart coming out from the letter G that flies and goes towards the E in the word Google.

The teaching staff through the online portals and apps, with the help of the state and central government services, have been working throughout to keep the children updated with the lessons. With the abrupt announcement of the national lockdown, most of the scheduled exams have been abandoned.

google doodle series
google doodle series

Through its series of doodles, Google has been taking every new day to express the heartfelt gratitude that the whole world owes to those heroes across different sectors, who work day and night for a safe and sound world.