Ram Pothineni in Red
Ram Pothineni in RedTwitter

Telugu actor Ram Pathineni alleged that there is a conspiracy in the police probe into the fire accident at Hotel Swarna Palace in Vijayawada. Now, he says, "Disease called Caste spreads faster than corona."

Ten people were killed in the deadly fire accident at Hotel Swarna Palace in Vijayawada on August 9. Soon after hearing about it, Ram Pothineni, who is one of the most non-controversial Tollywood actors," tweeted, "I am deeply saddened by fire accident in #Vijayawada..My heart-felt condolences & prayers to all those affected by it.

The iSmart Shankar actor took to Twitter on August 15 to talk about it again. He wrote, "SWARNA PALACE was a QUARANTINE CENTRE run by the GOVERNMENT until RAMESH HOSPITAL took permission to convert it into a Covid Care Centre when REQUESTED by the GOVERNMENT! HAD THIS FIRE ACCIDENT TAKEN PLACE 3 weeks earlier when it was RUN by the GOVERNMENT, WHO WOULD THEY BLAME? #APisWatching."

Ram Pothineni tweeted a couple of receipts and added, "FIRE + FEES = FOOLS DIVERTING the issue from FIRE to FEES.... only to FOOL all of us? FEES Clarification: the Billing was done DIRECTLY by SWARNA PALACE HOTEL as they were RESPONSIBLE for the MANAGEMENT! DOCTORS are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the FIRE safety! #APisWatching."

Ram Pothineni in Red
Ram Pothineni in RedTwitter

'Conspiracy in the investigation'

In his next tweet, Ram alleged that there is a conspiracy in the investigation of the fire accident. He tweeted, "I doubt there's a HUGE CONSPIRACY to show the CM of AP in bad light. I request @ysjagan garu to look into it as a few people under him might be doing this without his knowledge.This is causing huge damage to his reputation & Honest approach,amongst all of us! #APisWatching."

Ram Pothineni added, "#HappyIndependenceDay OR IS IT?! #SWARNAPALACEFIREACCIDENT #APisWatching."

When many of his fans were wondering over why he was so interested in this incident, Ram Pothineni announced to stop talking about it. The actor tweeted on August 16, "I believe in Justice and im sure the real culprits will be punished no matter who they are.. related or not.. I won't be tweeting about this anymore as I've said all I had to.. Jai Hind!"

A day after this, Ram Pothineni continued to speak about the issue and alleged of casteism. The actor tweeted, "To my dearest Brothers & Sisters.. This Disease called CASTE spreads faster than Corona & is even more Contagious & Dangerous..Stay away from these silent spreaders no matter how hard they try to Pull you or Push you into it! Stay Together For the Greater Good! Love.. #RAPO."

But some people shared his photos with former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and asked him to make his uncle surrender. Kotha Butchi (@kothabutchikot2) replied, "Why this all Kolaveri Di... Ensure that, co-operate to the police and see that your uncle be surrender, so the matter ends there. Law is the same for everyone & should be applied in the same manner to all. All are equal before the law & no discrimination. కుల రంగు పూయకండి."