Korean Police
Representational Image.Reuters
A 50-year old man who is already serving a prison sentence for rape and murder case was identified to be the prime suspect behind the 1980s serial murders and rapes after forensic reports showed DNA collected from the victim's underwear matched his.

"In July this year, we sent part of the evidence to the National Forensic Service, which results showed that the DNA of the suspect matches at least two of the 10 cases," officials from the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency was quoted as saying by the Korean Herald.

A new investigation team was made after the findings were found and all related evidence was sent to the NFS for further testing, according to reports.

However, due to the statute of limitations that expired on April 2006, according to Korean laws prosecutors will not be able to file charges against the accused.

Known to be the Korean Zodiac killings, around 10 females aged between 13 and 71 were found gagged, raped and murdered in rural areas near Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province between September 15, 1986, and went on till April 3, 1991.

Known to be one of the most prolific rape and murder case, more than a record 2 million police officials were known to be involved in the case's investigation.

In popular media, movies - 'Memories and Murder' (2003), 'Confessions of Murder' (2012) and K-dramas - Gap-dong, Signal, Tunnel, Criminal Minds and Partners for Justice were based on the unsolved murder case.