Get your Beast mode on as Thalapathy Vijay is all set to arrive with his action saga on April 13. In a rare television appearance on Sunday evening, Vijay opened up about his decision to avoid media interactions, his strained relationship with his father, son Jaison Sanjay's career plans, his personal religious views and of course his political ambitions.

Over the years, Vijay has politely denied any form of media appearances. However, his films always hold grand launches for his fans except for Beast. Producer Sun Pictures decided to cancel the mega event at the last moment and there are rumours of political reasons behind the move. Vijay is known for his politically toned punches on stage.

Beast to hit screens on April 13Twitter

To compensate for the audio launch loss, Vijay and producers decided to treat fans with an exclusive interview on Sun TV after a hiatus of 10 years. However, the actor was very reserved and stoic throughout the interaction and it was indeed director Nelson Dilipkumar who did all the talking. Let's take a look at all the key takeaways from the interview.

On Avoiding Media Interviews:

"I do have time for media interactions. But ten years ago, in an interview, my statements were misinterpreted. Everyone including my family members questioned why did I speak so arrogantly. I called up the person and clarified my stance. Every time I can't be doing it so I decided to avoid media interactions."

Son Jaison Sanjay's Career Plans:

"I do want him to take up cinema but I won't be forcing him. Premam director Alphonse Puthren once asked for an appointment for a meeting. I thought he was going to narrate a story for me but it turned out to be for Sanjay. It was a cute storyline with a boy-next-door, I wanted Sanjay to say yes but he asked for some time."

On His Trademark Reactions:

"Even my family members get annoyed, they always complain about my lack of reactions. They say they are unable to guess what my emotions are. I do get angry but I try my best not to react. I believe most problems arise when we decide something in anger. Take it easy, make it easy."


Religious Views:

"I am a pious, god-fearing person. I go to church whenever possible, and I have been to the temple and Dargah also. My father is a Christian, my mother is a Hindu, I was brought up in a household with both the religious views and I give the same to my children."

On His Tampered Relationship With His Father:

"There is one difference between a father and god. We can't see god but we can see our father. Even though I had a rough patch with him, I am still his devoted son."

Political Ambitions:

And finally the most awaited question of the interview, however, Vijay replied with his trademark answer. "If fans will. Today they want me to be their Thalapathy, tomorrow if they want me to be their Thalaivan, it will also happen."