Celebrations at a wedding in Afghanistan's Baghlan province turned into tragedy on Sunday night, when a gunfight led to the deaths of at least 20 people, including children and the elderly. 

The gun battle was a result of a family feud, local media reported. 

The family that was hosting the wedding was attacked by gunmen from a 'rival' family who arrived at the function and began shooting at the guests, Al Jazeera reported. 

A gun battle ensued after the two sides exchanged verbal abuses, according to AFP. 

"A local security official fired in the air after the verbal exchange heated up... and then both sides started trading fire," District police chief Gulistan Qusani told AFP. 

Majority of those who were killed in the wedding gun-battle were children and the elderly, according to local media reports. 

The problem of locals possessing illegal weapons in the region has dogged authorities, according to the local media. 

Celebratory gunfire has become a common sight at weddings in Afghanistan. 

Last year, Afghan soldiers fired mortars at a wedding party in Afghanistan's Helmand province after seeing gun shots being fired. Seventeen women and children were killed in the incident.