Afghan Taliban militants killed a woman and her son after they refused to give them food, local media reported. 

The Taliban had reportedly threatened residents of the Maidan Wardak province in Afghanistan to provide their militants with food at least thrice a day, according to TOLO News

When a woman refused to give them food, the Taliban killed her and her son, and also burned down several other houses in the area on Monday, according to the report. 

"Taliban burned the homes when they got a negative response to their call for food and shelter," a police official said. 

According to some locals, the militants also burned copies of the Quran during the carnage. 

The local police then launched an operation against the Taliban militants in the region, killing at least six of them, including four Pakistanis, the report said. 

The Taliban has been making a deadly resurgence in the country, launching attacks on civilians and security personnel. 

The terror group, which is fighting a turf war with the Isis in Afghanistan, has also taken the latter's path of brutalities on women and children. 

Earlier this month, the Taliban hanged a woman accused of adultery in front of her children and threw another woman in a river in the Badakhshan province, local media had reported.