The Taliban in Afghanistan, which is fighting a turf war with Isis as the latter gains prominence in the country, is now trying to match the Islamic State's brutality with a wave of terror attacks and gory executions.

Taliban militants kidnapped a woman on charges of having links with the Afghan government, and threw her into a river in the Badakhshan province on Sunday, Khaama Press reported.

In the same Taliban-controlled region, a woman was hanged to death on charges of adultery, with some reports stating that she was executed as her children watched.

Earlier, there were reports that the Taliban had sexually assaulted a woman and then executed her, in the same province.

The Taliban's barbarity comes in the wake of the announcement of its new leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

The Taliban also recently carried out deadly bomb blasts in Kabul last week, killing hundreds of civilians and security officials. 

Isis is infamous for its atrocities against women, especially on those of the Yazidi sect.