Hundreds of students from Afghanistan staged a protest against Pakistan near Town Hall on Wednesday, raised slogans against it for helping the Taliban to capture Panjshir province.

One of the protesters, Ferat Ahmad Noori said that the protest is being organised against Pakistan for supporting the Taliban which includes designated terrorists.

Afghanistan students in Bengaluru protest against Pakistan

"Pakistan has bombed Panjshir province only to help Taliban terrorists. The protests are happening across the world including Germany and Iran. We want the world to know about Taliban, about Pakistan. They are killing women, children and people. It's not human," said Masood.

Another protester said: "Our cousins are in Panjshir, they are fighting. People from Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif came to fight against the Taliban. Now, Pakistan bombs the province. They don't have food, the Taliban will kill everyone."

"Our President did not allow the army and mujahidin to put up a fight. Mujahidin are for a democratic setup. They want the government to run the country. They confronted the Taliban. Now, fighters are trying to get away from the clutches of the Taliban by escaping to Iran and other countries. It is difficult to say, whether our families will be alive," he added.