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How many times have you logged into Google to get answers for your sex query? The answer could range from once to several. But have you ever got the right answers? If your answer is no, then here's Mia Khalifa to your rescue.

The Porn Hub star spoke to Men's Health Magazine recently to answer the seven most-Googled sex-related questions. These questions ranged from foreplay to anal sex and more. And honestly, they were truly educating.

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The Magazine asked the adult star that every man wants to know– "Where is the G-pot?" She shared a straightforward answer as she explained: "Your G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina halfway between the opening and the cervix—so if you're fingering someone, it's up and under, I would say. You know you're touching it when it feels like you're touching a slightly rougher surface, like the surface of a nut. But every girl is different."

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Another frequently asked question is "How long does sex last?" Giving a rather specific number, Mia explained, "Sex should last between 7 and 15 minutes. I think a quickie is usually about 5-7 minutes, and something more passionate is usually about 10-15 minutes."

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She is also seen advising about anal sex. She not only informs readers that it is a painful act but also suggests a few ideas on how to approach your partner. "I'd bring it up: "Have you ever done it?" "Are you interested in it?" Don't just say: "Let's do anal." Take baby steps to build up to anal. You can't just spring it on a girl." She explains.

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Mia shared some valuable insights when she was asked: "How to make a woman orgasm." She shared, "It's about a bunch of different factors, like kissing and taking your time and being tender, or being rough, depending on what the girl wants. There's no required time to spend on foreplay — you just have to feel the vibe."

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