BENGALURU, India -- In a major breakthrough in the sensational Adimali triple murder case, Kerala police have arrested the second accused, Madhu alias Rakesh, aged 24, from the Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH) canteen in the upmarket Indiranagar locality in Bengaluru. He was working there under a false identity. The police also seized the stolen gold ornaments from the canteen quarters on Monday, 18 January.

The arrest of Madhu by the investigating team led by IPS Merin Joseph and CI Saji Markose, who came to Bengaluru as part of the probe, comes nearly 11 months after the crime was committed. The team, along with the accused, will be returning to Kerala on Monday.

"We have arrested Madhu in connection with the Adimali triple murder case, from a hospital canteen in Bengaluru, where he was working and also seized the gold ornaments from him," CI Saji Markose told IBTimes India.

On 13 February, 2015, three members of a family -- 70-year-old Parackel Kunjumohammed, 55-year-old wife Ayesha, and Ayesha's 85-year-old mother Nachi Maideen -- were found dead at the Rajadhani Lodge in Adimali, Idukki, which was owned by Kunjumohammed. It is understood that the accused came to Adimali on 11 February and fled to Tumkur, Karnataka, after robbing them of their gold ornaments and murdering the three family members.

In March, the police arrested prime accused Raghavendra, 23, from Goa; and the third accused, Manjunath, 21, was apprehended from Tumkur about six months ago. The knife used in the murders was also recovered from the scene of the crime.

Madhu had started working in the hospital canteen a few days ago as a cook, keeping his real identity hidden from the canteen operator. According to the canteen manager, who requested anonymity, Madhu joined the canteen on 20 December after he was recommended by a senior employee who is now no longer working at the canteen.

"The name he gave was Rakesh," the canteen operator said.