Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj Gupta, National Secretary, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) & in-charge of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra with Danish ManzoorIBT India

In an exclusive interview with Danish Manzoor, Executive Editor, IBT India, Pankaj Gupta, National Secretary, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) & in-charge of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra spoke of the future of the party and its plan for the upcoming Karnataka polls.

A man who likes to be behind the scenes, he says that unless there is political intervention, there will be no change. "The prime reason why we came into politics was to make a change for the people of this country. Proudly I can say that what we have been able to achieve in Delhi is what we wanted to achieve in the rest of the country," he said.

When asked about the election in Goa, and the results being not as expected, he responded by saying that he would not consider it as a loss. "It was a new place, far from Delhi, and we did not have much ground strength as well," he claimed.

He also claimed that the people of Goa wanted a change from the then ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government. He added that the response was good, and so was the campaign, but stated that the AAP could not create 'confidence' among the people that a new party could be an alternative to the BJP in Goa.

Gupta highlighted the works undertaken by the AAP government in the national capital. "From the delivery perspective what we have achieved in the last three years, none of the other governments can even think of achieving that much," he claimed.

He added that both the Education and the Health Ministers of Delhi have been praised by not just the people of the country but also from across the world. He claimed that parents are moving their children from private schools to government schools in Delhi because of the improved quality of the education system in Delhi.

When Gupta was asked about the future of AAP in Karnataka, he said that the future seems bright for the party. He also added that he is in favour of contesting in Karnataka. "People here are also ready for a change, if we are prepared to the extent that people are looking forward to then we can do a great show here also," he concludes.

Watch the video to see more about how the AAP dealt with their campaigns and worked their way around, with their one motive to work for the people, and make a difference that would impact everyone's lives.

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