mob attacks man

The incident of a 25-year-old attacked on Friday for transporting beef in Gurugram has caused a huge backlash. A mob attacked the young man and the cops who were present at the spot stood on the sidelines, watching. 

The man, identified as Lukmaan, the victim of the cow vigilantism suffered a head injury where his head had been bashed in by a hammer. The incident has left man stunned over how it was allowed.

Lukman attacked for carrying beef

A video emerged on Friday showing a young man being beaten up by a mob in Gurugram, Haryana. Lukman a 25-year-old who happened to be transporting buffalo meat in a truck was beaten up by a mob on Friday morning at 9 am.

In the video, one sees the cops standing on the sidelines not taking any action. It is reported that the mob had misbehaved the cops who arrived on the spot as well. Lukman filed an FIR against the mob who are being booked under various sections of IPC, including, rioting and unlawful assembly.

They attacked Lukman with sticks and even used a hammer to hit him on the head. The video has caused an uproar online. One of the accused Pradeep Yadav a 26-year-old has been arrested in connection to this case. 

While police were deployed to handle the situation, the mob turned violent on the Police, personnel told Indian Express, where the mob smashed the glass of the police vehicle as well. While one video has been making the rounds, there are three videos that have emerged, one where the mob is beating up the driver, one where is inside his truck as the mob continues to hit him and another with the police pushing the crowd back.

Police try to push back mob

Netizens are questioning why the police weren't quicker in acting and have been likening the incident to what happened in the horror of the Dadri lynching case in 2015.