earthquake in Delhi
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A medium-intensity earthquake of magnitude 4.7 on the Richter scale hit the Delhi-NCR region on Friday (July 3) evening. The epicentre of the quake is said to be 63 Km southwest of Gurugram in Haryana.

A preliminary statement by the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) has concurred.

Concerned agencies confirmed that an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred at around 7 pm on July 03 at a depth of 35 km in Rajasthan's Alwar district, approximately 268 km from Delhi. The latitude and longitude of the epicentre have been verified as 28.00 N and 76.69 E, respectively.

People rushed out of their homes in huge numbers as the tremors were felt in the national capital. The tremors lasted for around 3-4 seconds.

There were no immediate reports of loss of life or property at the time of filing the report.

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  • Earthquake again in NCR.
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  • #earthquake
    After surviving 17 earthquakes in 3 months
  • Earlier it was 'Pre 2020'-'Post 2020'!
    Now I think it's going to be like 'Pre June 2020' & 'Post June 2020'!!
    अब रहम करो!