Shahid Kapoor has always been controversy's favourite child. The actor has knowingly or say unknowingly fallen into trouble innumerable times. The Shahid that we see today is a changed man then what he used a be years before. From being rude, arrogant to more poised and calm Shahid has indeed come a long way.

This controversy took place in 2011 after the movie Mausam's release. Since Shahid Kapoor was playing a lead role in the movie it was predicted to be a definite hit but things didn't turn put the ways it was meant to be and Mausam proved to be a major flop at the box office. And like film critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh does for every Bollywood release took to his twitter handle to mention the box office statistics.

Shahid Kapoor and Taran Adarsh
Shahid Kapoor and Taran Adarsh

'Waise bhi aajkal kuchh logon ke adarsh buri tarha gir chuke hain'

Taran Adarsh tweeted, "Shahid's biggest opener, but also Shahid's biggest release in terms of print count & screens. Hence, numbers are below the mark. The business trends indicate a decline on weekdays."

Shahid Kapoor was furious with the critic's comment and replied to it too. A part of his tweet read, "Waise bhi aajkal kuchh logon ke adarsh buri tarha gir chuke hain." Shahid Kapoor made it evident that he took a massive dig on Taran Adarsh as he mentioned 'adarsh' in his tweet. Taran Adarsh was extremely annoyed with Shahid's activity on a public platform and therefore decided to hit back with a few personal remarks. Taran Adarsh tweeted, "Abusing and maligning me on a public platform won't help. Instead, get a reality check and introspect the shortcomings of the film. I was in a movie when I read it. Was shocked that he used such words on a public platform."

Shahid has become one of the bankable actors in the industry. His last release 'Kabir Singh' attracted controversies but was a magnificent hit. Shahid holds a number of hits like Haider, Padmavat, Jab We Met, Vivah, Udta Punjab.