The lockdown has taught us a lot, and it's making us realise what we had before the lockdown came into our lives. The stars too are on the same path of realisation. Some stars though are far ahead of the others. 

Twinkle Khanna put up arguably one of the most relatable posts we'll come across this lockdown. The punny author is dealing with a few slipper issues and with an injured foot. She's been trying to fix it, something most of us may have done or know what that's like. 

Twinkle Khanna
@twinklerkhanna on Instagram

Twinkle Khanna tries to fix her slipper

Being in the lockdown means giving up luxuries like going out, getting things fixed, numerous inconveniences and little dependence on the outside world. The Coronavirus pandemic has made life hard for everybody. 

While there are big problems at hand and a lot that needs addressing, misery loves company. Twinkle Khanna took to Instagram with her woes, where she hoped to find some empathy. She shot a little video of real problems people are facing during the lockdown. 

Twinkle is dealing with a broken pair of spectacles, that she has used sellotape to mend, and that's not all, her slipper's sole came off which her son has been trying to help her glue back one with a glue gun. Twinkle accepts her defeat with laughter, saying that she's reached her breaking point in the lockdown. She concedes that there are bigger problems in the world, aware that this is a first-world problem. 

All the videos of Bollywood celebrities, keeping fit, spending time with family, cooking delicious meals, doing chores in style, have been sending those of us dealing with Lockdown blues into an existential crisis of sorts. However, posts like these by Twinkle Khanna give us hope that it's not just us facing terrible luck at this point.