Bigg Boss 14 is touted to be one of the most controversial seasons ever. And now it seems that the controversies that began inside the house are now tumbling out in the real world.

All the ardent BB watchers must have witnessed, Kavita Kaushik walking out of the Bigg Boss 14 house in a jest post locking horns with co-contestant Abhinav Shukla and his wife, Rubina Dilaik. Kavita hasn't spoken to any media after her exit from the show.

But what's amusing is Kavita's husband Ronnit who usually keeps a low key and doesn't interact with media has come out in the open and has levelled serious charges against Abhinav. Shocking isn't it?

Kavita Kaushik

Ronnit reveals that Abhinav drunk-called his wife and asked her to meet at odd hours

Ronnit tweeted. "Well let me put the truth out there.. the not so gentleman we're talking about has a severe alcohol problem and used to get pissed drunk and message KK through the night wanting to talk and meet up at all odd hours. So much so that she had to call the cops on him more than once" (sic).

He also claimed that Abhinav requested them to use their house for a shoot as he couldn't shoot at his residence.

Ronnit's tweet alleging Abhinav as a drunkard

In another tweet, he said: "This is the same guy who literally begged us to give him our house for a film he wanted to make. The same film which we did for free & gave our house coz he couldn't shoot at his own place coz of obvious reasons! aur ab yeh bol raha hai ussi lady ko ki maarega usko? Mard? Really??  (sic)."

After reading Ronnit's tweets fans has an emotional meltdown, some of them supported Kavita-Ronnit, while some supported Abhinav-Rubina.

Check out some Tweets below:

fans thrash Abhinav for his behaviour

When Kavita and Rubina locked horns inside the BB house

For the unversed,  uring the fight, Kavita also threatened Rubina to reveal some very personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav. Kavita asked Rubina, "Do you know your husband's truth?" To which, Rubina replied, "Himmat hai to bol (Speak up if you have the courage)."

Kavita said that she would speak once outside the house. Abhinav stood beside Rubina and asked, "What will you tell?" However, he did not interfere much between the two.

Rubina had recently shocked her fans on the show by revealing that she and Abhinav were heading for a divorce before they entered the Bigg Boss house. She had said that if the two had not lived in the Bigg Boss 14 house together, they would have never made an effort to stay with each other under one roof.