In a shocking piece of news, it is reported that one of the writer's of the pouplar show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah died by suicide on November 27. The show's writer was reportedly found hanging in his flat in Kandivali, Mumbai last week.

Malav Rajda and Abhishek

International Business Times, India, got in touch with the director of Taarak Mehta Ooltah Chashmah Malav Rajda and quizzed him whether he is aware of this piece of sad news and when was the last time the writer wrote an episode for the show.

Malav Rajda and Dilip Joshi

Malav said:

Abhishek was not a full-time writer, he has written few episodes for us. I am shocked after hearing the news of his demise. I wish his family gets the strength to endure the loss.

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The deceased writer's family blames cyber fraud for his untimely demise.

As per a Mumbai Mirror report, Abhishek Makwana's family has alleged that he was a victim of cyber fraud and blackmail. The report suggests that the family and friends of the deceased have also been getting calls from the fraudsters after his death, demanding that they pay all the money back, as they were made guarantors in a loan.

As per the report, the Charkop Police has registered a case of accidental death and recorded the family's statements wherein his brother Jenis revealed that Abhishek's email records show financial fraud.

Late Abhishek's brother Jenis opened up about his death and when he found out about the cyber load sharks. Jenis revealed that he was in Ahemdabad when his brother passed away. It was not before Sunday that he found out that he has been trapped in a cyber fraud after he started getting calls from fraudsters for money.

Jenis shared that when he informed the callers that Abhishek had passed away and the family is not in a state to talk about these issues, the fraudsters got extremely abusive. He then went on to check Abhishek's emails as he was receiving multiple calls demanding money since he passed away for loans that the late writer owed them. 'One call was a number registered in Bangladesh, one in Myanmar, and others were from different states of India,' shared Jennis.

After scanning Abhishek's emails, Jennis understood that his brother first took a small loan from one of the 'easy loan' apps that charge a very high rate of interest. Then, he researched the app online and found that have been involved in several cyber frauds before. I looked at the transactions between them and my brother closely after that. I noticed that they kept sending small amounts despite my brother not applying for the loans. Their interest rates are as high as 30 per cent,' 

Abhishek Makhwana

Furthermore, Jenis claimed that the messages on Abhishek's mobile phone revealed that he was being blackmailed. Abhishek's family learnt that many of his friends were also receiving similar calls, so Jenis sent a message to everybody from Abhishekh's contact list, altering them not to be fooled by the fraudsters.

Abhishek Makwana's suicide note mentioned financial troubles. 

A police official from Charkop police station shared that they had found a suicide note written in Gujarati on the scene of the crime. It spoke about difficulties in his personal life as well as financial troubles that he had been facing over the past many months, revealed the police officer. In the suicide note, Abhishek also apologised to his family, stating that he tried his best to fight the situation, but he cannot do it any longer as the issues are only increasing.

The police officer revealed that Abhishek's family had shared the numbers of the fraudsters. 'We have approached the bank for the transaction details and the phone service providers for the call data records. Right now, there is no solid evidence of the fraud or that the company was harassing the deceased,' stated the police official. However, as soon as the police establish anything, they will carry on with the necessary action to be taken against the alleged fraud company.