The blockbuster hit Aavesham has once again proven its box office prowess, raking in over Rs. 1 crore on its fourth Tuesday alone. With this latest achievement, the film's total gross in India has soared to an impressive Rs. 98 crore. Fans eagerly anticipate its imminent crossing of the coveted Rs. 100 crore milestone, which is expected to happen within the next few days.

Notably, Aavesham has secured its position as the third highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time, surpassing the likes of Pulimurugan and Aadujeevitham. Only Manjummel Boys and the film 2018 stand ahead in the race for the top spots.

Manjummel Boys

Manjummel Boys reign supreme, boasting an unprecedented gross of Rs. 168.00 crore, setting an unparalleled standard for box office success. Following closely behind is the compelling narrative of 2018, which captivated audiences and garnered an impressive Rs. 107.00 crore. Aavesham, secures the third spot, amassing Rs. 98.00 crore in just 25 days, poised to breach the coveted Rs. 100 crore milestone.

Pulimurugan and Aadujeevitham stand shoulder to shoulder, with earnings of Rs. 97.50 crore and Rs. 97.00 crore respectively, embodying the enduring allure of Malayalam cinema. Not to be overshadowed, Premalu commands attention with a noteworthy gross of Rs. 94.50 crores, while Lucifer and RDX make their mark with earnings of Rs. 75.00 crores and Rs. 55.50 crores respectively. Additionally, Neru and Bheeshma Parvam contribute to the vibrant landscape of Malayalam cinema, earning Rs. 52.50 crore and Rs. 50.50 crore respectively.

Meanwhile, initially poised to clinch the second spot with an estimated final gross of around Rs. 110 crores, Avesham's theatrical run in Kerala is set to draw to a close with its digital release scheduled for May 9th. Consequently, the film's chances of ascending any higher in the box office rankings have been dashed. Regrettably, Aavesham will miss out on setting numerous records and benchmarks due to its premature digital release.


The significance of the Kerala market cannot be overstated, as films typically enjoy extended runs in the region. However, a four-week over-the-top (OTT) platform window poses challenges for films like Aavesham. Earlier this year, both Manjummel Boys and Premalu reaped the benefits of delayed digital releases, enabling them to prolong their box office dominance.

Premalu amassed close to Rs. 40 crore post its fourth week, while Manjummel Boys notched up Rs. 33 crores, inclusive of its Telugu dubbed versions. Achieving similar feats would have proven arduous with an early digital release, a predicament often encountered in such scenarios. It's estimated that Aavesham could potentially lose out on at least Rs. 10 crore due to this premature digital release.