Did you know that Aamir Khan played a huge role in Twinkle Khanna's decision to get married to Akshay Kumar? Twinkle had decided that if Mela flops then she will marry Akshay Kumar. Aamir had no idea about it but was glad that he had a minor part to play in Akshay and Twinkle's marriage. 

twinkle aamir

When Mela had flopped, Twinkle Khanna had made peace with the fact that she does not have her superstar father, Rajesh Khanna's acting skills in her. Years later, she started column writing, and when she asked Aamir for his opinion, he had said that everybody loves watching cricket but that doesn't mean that everybody can play the game. Incidentally, with that quote with which Twinkle began writing her first column. 

In the same conversation, Aamir Khan shared various other memorable incidents. Did you know that Aamir suddenly became a videographer at Twinkle Khanna's wedding? She had informally given tasks to various people at her wedding, and Aamir got in charge of videography.

Twinkle is really talented

While talking about Twinkle's acting skills Aamir laughed and said, " Well you know all of us have different abilities, and Twinkle is really talented in some of the most amazing activities like insulting people. She's an expert at insulting people. All through my life since I have known her she has just constantly insulted me." 

After several laughs, Aamir added, "But it was really good working with her because behind this bimbette kind of exterior, there was actually this sharp person, who had a great intellect, and sense of humour and was extremely perceptive about human beings and I found that quite fascinating." 

On the work front, Aamir Khan will be seen in the film Lal Singh Chaddha. If all goes down well, the film is expected to release in December. Twinkle Khanna who is a writer cum producer has written several books such as Pyajamas are Forgiving, Legend of Laxmy Prasad and Mrs Funnybones. Incidentally, she has also named her production company Mrs Funnybones, which produced the film Pad Man.