An incident of a judge bringing together an aged couple in Mysuru district of Karnataka during a mega Lok Adalat programme has been appreciated by one and all.

The couple, a 75-year-old man and his 70-year-old wife were married for 35 years and lived in Mysuru city. They had three daughters out of wedlock. After growing up, all three got married to persons of their choice.

But, the man disapproved of their conduct and did not come to terms with his daughters. He blamed and criticised his wife for their daughters move.

The wife tried to calm him down, telling him that the marriages had been solemnised and nothing could be done about it now. The man did not relent and applied for divorce in the family court.

Karnataka High Court
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Principal District and Sessions Judge G.S. Sangreshi counselled the couple in the mega Lok Adalat programme held on February 11 and convinced the man not to have bitter feelings at his age towards his wife. The man agreed and took back his petition seeking divorce.

The judge stated that 36 couples who had applied for divorce agreed to take back their petitions and unite.

(With inputs from IANS)