Russian bridge 1

Residents of a village in Russia were left scratching their heads after a 56-tonne section of a bridge, which once spanned the Umba River, went missing without a trace. The bridge went missing in the last week of May and images of the gap went viral on social media on May 26.

The section of the bridge had connected the villages of Aikuven and Lovozero. However, it was not in use and dismantled years ago, reports Daily Mail.

russian bridge missing

Initially, there was debris in the river below the bridge and they were not moving due to the weight. However, soon, the debris also disappeared and there was no trace of it in the sections of the river in other villages.

Villagers believe that this could be the work of iron thieves since "natural phenomena could not bring down the bridge." They believe that the iron thieves brought down the bridge into the water part by part.

russian bridge missing
This is how the section of the bridge looked before it went

An investigation was launched by Kirovsk police and Kirovsk Prosecutor's Office released a statement which read, "according to investigators, in May 2019, an unidentified person secretly stole metal constructions of length out of mercenary motives... which caused material damage to the owner in excess of 600,000 rubles."