Bengaluru violence
ry message' posted by a politician's relative on social media. A mob gathered outside Congress legislator Akanda Srinivas Murthy's house where they shouted slogans against the post and also resorted to arson. The mob was demanding the arrest of Naveen, who is related to Murthy and rioted in DJ Halli, KG Halli and Pulakeshi Nagar. (Photo: IANS)IANS

The Bengaluru riot has definitely opened the lid on a debate on free speech, religious sentiment and politics in Karnataka. An SP leader in Meerut Shahzeb Rizvi had on Thursday, announced a bounty of Rs 51 lakh on Karnataka Congress MLA's nephew Naveen. 

After his video reached social media, an FIR was filed against him by the Meerut Police. The development comes as the investigation continues on the matter of the riot. 

Shahzeb Rizvi announces bounty on Naveen

In the case of the horrific Bengaluru riots which took place on 11th August, a lot has been said and the political lobbying has gotten out of hand as the debate proceeds. While tensions boil under the surface, the investigation continues.

An SP leader from Meerut, UP Shahzeb Rizvi on Thursday made a video in which he condemned the incidents that took place in Bengaluru. Moreover, the politician announced a bounty on Naveen P the nephew of Karnataka Congress MLA A Srinivas Murthy in Bengaluru.

Tweet on Shahzeb Rizvi
Call for the arrest of Shahzeb Rizvi who announced a bounty of Rs 51 lakh on NaveenTwitter

The video in which the politician announced Rs 51 lakh bounty on the boy following the derogatory post on social media has since gone viral. Netizens were outraged on the politician's actions. In his video, Rizvi said that the comments made by Naveen hurt the sentiments of Muslims and therefore action had to be taken and he said, those "who bring the youth's head will get a reward of Rs 51 lakhs."

The authorities in Meerut took into cognisance the implications of the video and an FIR as registered against the politician in Meerut's Phalauda Police Station. The politician has been booked under sections of IPC - 153 (A) for promoting enmity between two groups and Section 505 (2).