Bengaluru violence
A mob gathered outside Congress legislator Akanda Srinivas Murthy's house where they shouted slogans against the post and also resorted to arson. The mob was demanding the arrest of Naveen, who is related to Murthy and rioted in DJ Halli, KG Halli and Pulakeshi Nagar. (Photo: IANS)IANS

The case of the Bengaluru riot that took place on Tuesday night has left the state of Karnataka shocked. Karnataka's Home minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday revealed to the press that the Social Democratic Party of India's connection to the case has come to the fore and authorities are still investigating the matter.

Numerous SDPI members have been held by the police including Muzammil Pasha who was arrested yesterday. Four other associates of SDPI have also been arrested.

Home minister Basvaraj Bommai speaks on Bengaluru riot

On Tuesday night violence broke out in the KG Halli and DJ Halli localities in East Bengaluru. The cause? A controversial Facebook post on Prophet Muhammad made by a relative of a Congress MLA. The violence that ensued left 3 dead and over 50 injured.

This overturning of law and order in the city has forced the authorities to crack down on the city and investigate what's become a nationwide spectacle. As political lobbying has begun, many are looking to the police and the politicians for answers on the matter. A magisterial probe has also been ordered in the case. 

So far, little is known about the investigation, but Basvaraj Bommai, Home minister for Karnataka spoke to the press and said as quoted by TV9 Kannada, "New aspects in the case are coming to the fore, however, right now the investigation is on and we can't say much. As of now, however, through the video footage and evidence, SDPI's role is emerging. We're still collecting details in this regard, we are investigating it further. We have arrested several SDPI members."

Basvaraj Bommai

He highlighted Muzammil Pasha as one of the main links in the case. Apart from him, he named Firoz, Afraz Pasha and Shaik Adil as well. The minister said in the video footage they've identified SDPI workers from KG Halli, DJ Halli and neighbouring areas, the authorities are investigating this as well. 

Basvaraj Bommai assured complete action and effort into uncovering the details of the series of incidents. He mentioned that the police are also working very hard with COVID on one hand and incidents like these. The minister ensured action against all those responsible in this case.