metal screws

In a shocking incident, Ahmedabad surgeons removed 452 metal items from the stomach of a man who had swallowed all of it. He had complained of severe stomach pain and was rushed to the civil hospital in Ahmedabad where the doctors made the startling revelation.

The 28-year-old man is suffering from schizophrenia and was in the mental institution when he complained of his ailment. Reports state that he had swallowed four kgs of metal and the items included safety pins, nuts and bolts, nail cutters and coins.

As soon as the man was hospitalised, the doctors took him for an X-Ray where they were shocked to find that his stomach was filled with metal objects. They rushed him to the operating room and conducted a three-hour-long surgery to remove the metal items from the man's body.

India Today reports that the schizophrenic man has been eating metal objects for the past seven to eight months after he was allegedly told by another person to do so. It is suspected that he thought it was food.

However, the condition of eating metal or seeing inedible and indigestible objects such as metal, glass rubber is called Pica.

Michel Lotito, a French entertainer gave some popularity of the condition. He shot to fame after he ate an entire aeroplane piece by piece. While this is dangerous for others to consume, doctors had said that he had a resilient digestive system and could consume almost anything safely. He had eaten the plane in small pieces and managed to swallow them by lubricating his mouth and throat with mineral oil.