20th Century Boy And Girl
Actress Kim Mi Kyung as a housewife in MBC drama 20th Century Boy And Girl.MBC

20th Century Boy And Girl, the MBC romantic comedy drama, might feature the demise of actress Sa Jin Jin's mother Kim Mi Kyung in the upcoming episodes.

Episodes 25 and 26 of the Korean mini-series could also feature a reunion between the actress and her sister Sa Ho Sung, who ran away from home at a very young age.

While Sa Jin Jin tackles with her personal problems, former idol Anthony will probably try to stop the reporter from publishing any controversial stories about her.

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The upcoming episodes of 20th Century Boy And Girl might also feature some awkward moments between flight attendant Han A Reum and gynaecologist Jung Woo Sung. The duo may call it quits and decide to continue as friends.

Elsewhere, lawyer Jang Young Sim and her senior Kang Kyung Suk could become more close to each other. They may end up dating each other in the upcoming episodes.

However, the fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what lies ahead for Sa Jin Jin and her friends since MBC is yet to release the preview for episodes 25 and 26 of 20th Century Boy And Girl.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 24 episodes of the Korean mini-series online here, in case you missed it.

Meanwhile, check out what the fans say about the show:

I was getting worried that they kept showing the mom having problems with her sight... why... at least this probably means the sister should and may come back home soon.

I bet the first scene of next episode- Ji Won: Let's get married!! (cause ur mom doesn't have enough time)