Super Blue Blood Moon
Artist's enhancement of a full eclipsed Moon.NASA

Christian preacher and televangelist Paul Begley has now sensationally claimed that the Blood Moon which will appear over Jerusalem on July 27 is a solid sign of an imminent apocalypse. As per Begley, the upcoming lunar eclipse will mark the final page in the history of humanity, and he made it clear that these predictions are being derived after thoroughly analyzing biblical prophecies.

Claiming the world is going to be stunned in the near future, the pastor revealed that the Blood Moon will pass over Israel and the Middle East this month, thus fulfilling the Biblical prophecies. Begley stated that this year's Blood Moon event is a prophetic event which is mentioned in the Biblical book of Acts Chapter 2:16-21, the Book of Joel and the Book of Revelations.

The longest ever Blood Moon in the 21st century

Earlier, astronomers have revealed that the Blood Moon in July will be the longest one to happen in the 21st century, and it is expected to last for one hour and 43 minutes.

Paul Begley has argued that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the entire Middle East are already in a state of shock after realizing that this year's lunar eclipse will last for 103 minutes.

"The United Arab Emirates are going to be stunned – they're already stunned at what's coming. The Blood Moon that's going to be directly over the Middle East, directly over Jerusalem and the UAE. They are already stunned by the realization of 103 minutes of absolute Blood Moon over their heads," said Begley, reports.

According to Begley, the upcoming Blood Moon is the lunar eclipse of this century, and there will not be another such event in the future, as the world is going to end. He added that most of the world leaders including the Saudi Prince, US president Donald Trump, and Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu are aware of the imminent catastrophe.

Will moon actually turn red during Blood Moon?

As the claims of Begley have gone viral, experts strongly argue that there is nothing special about this Blood Moon, and it is undoubtedly a natural phenomenon. Even though the moon will appear red in color during the time of the eclipse, our natural satellite is not actually changing its color. In the earth, the moon will be seen as red, but in the space, it will appear grey as always.

According to experts, it is a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering which is responsible for this color change when observed from the earth. As the moon gets dipped into the earth's shadow, some light particles from the sun will still manage to reach the surface of the moon.

Through the earth's atmosphere, the sun's rays will get scattered, filtering out the violet and green bands of the spectrum. It should be noted that the effect which turns the sunset orange and the sky blue is actually responsible for the moon's red color during the time of Blood Moon.