2.0 Trailer Launch
Producer Subaskaran, Rajinikanth, Shankar, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson at 2.0 trailer launch.Amy Jackson Twitter account

Shankar has given hints about making the third instalment in the Robot franchise. He revealed it at the trailer launch event of his upcoming movie 2.0 trailer on Saturday, November 3.

Host RJ Balaji asked him during an interaction with him on stage that many people want to know whether there will be 3.0 for which Shankar said, "I am getting rough ideas about it. After 2.0, if I could manage to come up with convincing story, I will make do it,"

The first instalment in the franchise was titled Enthiran – The Robot, produced by Sun Pictures, that was released in 2010 and it remains one of the highest-grossing movies at the box office. He is now coming up with 2.0 with major changes in the cast and funded by Lyca Productions.

2.0 is about fifth force. When Shankar was asked about it, he explained, "We know four forces – gravitational force, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. Scientists are still researching about the fifth force. It is a negative energy. We do not know how it works and how to measure it,"

Talking about the movie, Shankar said that 2.0 is a thrilling entertainer. "I believe this movie will give a new experience with the combination of 3D visuals and 4D sound. This movie would not have been possible with S Subaskaran. It is difficult to make film with such a huge budget. He has funded the film only because of his passion for cinema," Shankar claims.

He hailed Rajinikanth and said that he is the biggest strength of the movie. "Whatever he does it will be stylish and attractive. Even after so many years of acting, his performance remains fresh," Shankar said.

Shankar recalled how Rajinikanth, despite health issues, participated in the shoot. "It is this dedication which has made him the superstar," the director added.