A 14-year-old along with his father nabbed for forging court orders, faking SC website
A 14-year-old along with his father nabbed for forging court orders, faking SC websiteReuters

Losing a case in the court can be tiresome and disappointing. But a 14-year-old boy took the initiative to help his father with his court struggle in an unusual fashion, which is deemed illegal.

At a tender age of 14 years, a Delhi-based teen created a fake version of the official website of Supreme Court and forged the orders issued by the apex court and Delhi High Court to favor his blind father. The young boy uploaded forged documents on the fake website to make them appear more legit.

The names of the boy and his father haven't been revealed. The teen kid is suspected to have worked under his father's supervision. The teenager was apprehended last December while his father got lodged in Tihar Central Jail. After a bail was granted to the juvenile, he once again repeated his phony actions by impersonating a senior SC judge in order to quash the FIR and grant bail entries. The boy sent out emails to lower court judges for that purpose.

The teenager went beyond that and sent a mail to his school principal asking to be rusticated. For that, he used a fake email ID of the investigating officer in his case. After the discovery of these actions, the investigating officer has sought an observation home for the minor and long-term counseling, India Today reported.

The original case of forgery

It all started when the kid's father, who worked as an assistant profession in a college, lodged several complaints alleging the principal and the management of irregularities but got nowhere. The lack of action taken in the regard forced him to take extreme measures, which landed him in deeper troubles.

The forged document of the favoring order copy was initially sent to the chief metropolitan magistrate of a district court. When there was no response, the duo decided to go to the Delhi High Court and then sent a copy to one of the senior SC judges by posing as chief justice.

The Supreme Court of India
The Supreme Court of IndiaIANS

To give a touch of authenticity, the boy managed to get fake Supreme Court seal from a stationary shop in the Khan Market and used it on the forged documents. But the High Court judge looked at the documents and found them to be fake and no record of passing such an order. The Delhi police investigating the case also said that the copies of the favoring order from the apex court were sent to the father's acquaintances to make them appear legit.

In a statement given to the police by the 14-year-old according to India Today report, he said, "we even went up to the Supreme Court but the case was dismissed. My father got really tense and depressed after losing the case. On his instructions, I had helped him draft the petition on the laptop and even given him updates from the court website. After it was dismissed, we came up with the idea of creating a fake Supreme Court website and uploaded the order that we forged in our favor."

The police registered a case against the duo for charges of criminal conspiracy and forging a government official document and using it as a genuine one.