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There was a lot of hullabaloo following the premiere of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Season 1 as the season finale showed the lead character Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) ending her life. To address the controversy, Netflix has unveiled a new warning video that will autoplay before the first episode of each season.

Last year, 13 Reasons Why sparked controversy as research reveals that Google searches for some specific methods of suicide increased after its release. While many schools across the world entirely banned the series, some schools in Canada disallowed students from talking about the show. However, some praised the series for raising awareness against suicide, sexual assault and bullying.

Netflix's new warning video, which sends a strong message, features the cast members of the series — Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker), Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis).

The message reads: "13 Reasons Why is a fictional series that tackles tough, real world issues, taking a look at sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide and more. By shedding a light on these difficult topics we hope our show can help viewers start a conversation. But if you struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult. If you ever feel you need someone to talk with, reach out to a parent, a friend, a school counselor or an adult you trust. Call a local helpline or go to 13reasonswhy.info because the minute that you start talking about it, it gets easier."

You can watch the clip here.

Based on Jay Asher's bestselling novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why Season 1 revolves around the suicide of a high school student named Hannah Baker and the 13 audiotapes she leaves behind as hints.

According to several reports, the filming for the second season had been completed by the end of 2017. But there is still no update on the air date of 13 Reasons Why Season 2.