A total of 13 people, including 10 children, across several cities of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, and Bharatpur lost sight in at least one eye while bursting firecrackers on Diwali, doctors said.

This figure was reported after three days of surgery in the eye department of Sawai Mansingh (SMS) Hospital here, with the patients suffering damage to their cornea and retina.

According to doctors, a child from Jhunjhunu lost the vision in both eyes whereas there are 12 others who have lost the sight of one eye.

13 people, including 10 kids, in Rajasthan lose eyesight due to firecracker accidents
13 people, including 10 kids, in Rajasthan lose eyesight due to firecracker accidentsIANS

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, HOD of Opthalmology Department at SMS Hospital, said: "40 cases have been reported in three days (Saturday to Monday). Of these, about 25 patients were sent home after first aid. 13 major surgeries have been performed, in which 12 people lost their vision in one eye. At the same time, a case was referred from Jhunjhunu where surgery had to be done on both the eyes of the child, who got injured while setting of a bomb. During the operation, it was found that his left eye was completely damaged, while an operation was done to save the right eye."

According to the doctor, people get injured by firecrackers in two ways - where a part of the firecracker comes out like a bullet and hits people, and other is by gunpowder burns.

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"If a bomb explodes very close, the gunpowder goes into the eyes. There has also been a case of 'Anaar' bursting, due to which, the cornea of the eye got burnt. Of the 13 patients, 10 are children. Their age is less than 15 years. There are three adults. All of them have suffered serious injuries. Except for one or two, it is difficult to get the sight back. We have performed operations to preserve the structure of the eyes, so that the faces of the children do not get distorted."

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