yemen army camp
yemen army campReuters

At least 13 new recruits were reportedly killed when a suicide bomber detonated the bomb at a government-run army camp in Aden, Yemen, on Wednesday. The Islamic State group claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The attacker was reportedly dressed in a military uniform, same as the new recruits at the camp were wearing. An official said he detonated the bomb at the gate of the camp,  Reuters reported. Hundreds of new recruits at the camp were being trained to confront the Houthi rebels in the country.

As many as 60 people were also injured in the attack at the Ras Abbas camp in Aden's Buraiqa district. The injured were shifted to nearby hospitals.

"The explosion shook the camp violently and it could be heard miles away," a witness told Reuters.

Later, ISIS released a statement on its online media wing Amaq, claiming the responsibility for the attack. It also put up a photo of the attacker named Abu Isa al-Ansari. The statement said the suicide attack "killed around 20 apostates and wounded 60 others." 

ISIS has reportedly been gaining ground in Yemen, where government forces have already been battling the Houthi rebels.