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Over the years, we have seen Bigg Boss adopting a strategy, the particular laid-out pattern on the basis of which contestants get eliminated from the show. Even when it comes to guessing the finalists, the show has always been a no-brainer. Let's take a look at why we feel Dipika Kakkar would go to the finale but totally deserve to win the show.

Playing behind Sreesanth: From the beginning, Dipika has just been Sreesanth's puppet inside the house. Despite the number of times Sreesanth has insulted her or said nasty things about her, the 'Simar' actress has decided to stand by him irrespective of all that.

Playing the 'woman' card: We have often seen Dipika playing the 'woman' card in front of Salman, celebrity guests or during major tasks. But, we don't see her standing up for other women in the house when they are being wronged.

No personality: If we talk about who has shown their true personality, Dipika again, wouldn't be at the top of our mind. The diva, has not shown us any major characters or personality traits of herself so far. And with barely 10 days left for the finale, we wonder whether we would get to see anything at all.

Karanvir vs Dipika: There's no denying the fact that the two potential candidates to reach the finale are Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakkar. However, both Karanvir and Sreesanth have a larger fanbase, a larger screen presence and a humongous following. Even though Dipika has been a well-known name in the industry, unfortunately, many fans have lost their love for the actress after seeing her true self.

Maximum growth: If we talk about who has emerged in the show as a better or worse version of themselves or has seen maximum growth, Dipika's name would certainly not be even in the top 3. Audiences only empathise with those who show us that they can be as naïve and vulnerable as we are. However, Dipika hasn't allowed any of her deeper emotions to seep out. If we trace her journey, apart from a few minor outbursts here and there, Dipika hardly has ever taken a stand on household issues.