Dipika Kakkar

The family week on Bigg Boss 12 brought tears into the eyes of everyone. While Deepak's dad left everyone emotional with the genuine love for his son, he also brought a smile on everyone's face by telling Somi that marriage can't happen between the two.

Sreesanth's wife, Bhuvneshwari, gave an earful to Surbhi Rana and left by saying that she would never be able to forgive her. Karanvir Bohra's wife, Teejay Sidhu entered the house with her two adorable daughters and enjoyed a short-lived period with her husband inside the house.

Possibly the most loved contestant of Bigg Boss season 12, Dipika Kakkar met husband Shoaib Ibrahim after a long gap of almost two months inside the house. Their tear-jerker union even overwhelmed the audience. While Dipika broke down like a child in front of her husband, Shoaib, praised her for her performance, patience and perseverance inside the house.

Before entering the house, Shoaib had said in an interview to Indian Express, "Everyone was frozen because of the task and I had to go and speak to them. It made me a little nervous. The house has a very different vibe but it was amazing. I straightaway went to Dipika and hugged her tightly. I tried to give her all the strength and love that I could. Only three weeks are remaining for the finale and I hope my presence would boost her up. She has been getting quite emotional in the past few days and I think the family week will help her to get back in form."

Their love for each other makes our belief in happily-ever-after even stronger. Don't you think?