The second season of Legacies had abruptly ended in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic but  fortunately it ended on a slightly logical note with a cliffhanger.

For these long months without Legacies, we witnessed Danielle Rose Russell who is a lead actress in the series, become one of the young anti-Trump voices from the Hollywood film industry.  She is back to her role as Hope Michaelson again. 


The series Legacies is the spin-off of two popular American television series, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Legacies narrate the adventures of Hope Michaelson daughter of the most feared villain of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus Michaelson, and Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, daughter of Alarick Saltzman.

Till now, Alarick, Hope and Matt Donovan have been the only character to arrive on the show on a regular basis. Although Caroline as a character has not made an appearance, she usually makes her presence felt with unheard telephone calls. 

Here are ten characters from the original television series we want on Legacies. 

Damon Salvatore

Damon and Elena got married in the final episode of The Vampire Diaries. They both consumed the cure and became humans again. Most of the shots in Legacies take place in the Salvatore Boarding House and while we have comfortably accepted the house as the new boarding school for supernatural creatures, it would be adorable to get a glimpse of human Damon again. 

Elena Gilbert 

Till the seventh season, The Vampire Diaries revolved around Elena and her doppelganger, Katrina, Amora, and Natalie. While Nina Dobrev had made a special appearance in The Originals, her presence in Legacies is very much needed since the girls are making the same mistakes she made earlier. In the first season of Legacies, there had been a mention about Damon and Elena's child Stephanie, though she did not appear as a character. 

Caroline Forbes 

Since the first season, Caroline Forbes has only spent her time in Europe. She has not made any appearances in any of the seasons. Caroline is the founder of the school and she added new kind of life with her presence in The Vampire Diaries. Since the second season of TVD, we have seen Caroline turn into a fearless vampire, who has the best of ideas when it comes to combat with enemies. Watching her walk inside the school again would be really helpful for the young vampires, werewolves, and witches struggling to fight against the dark creatures. 

Bonnie Bennett 

Bonnie Bennett had been one of the most efficient witches of Mystic Falls. Each time she kept losing her power, she got her powers back. She was able to figure out a magical solution to keep Elena alive and do a bargain. She was kind-hearted and talented. Alarick should recruit her right away. 

Rebekah Michaelson 

Rebekah Michaelson may have had many faults but as an individual person, she was a loyal friend to her girls and the only Michaelson who actually worked towards reuniting the family in true sense. Klaus left to create hybrids, Elijah was too busy figuring out schemes of Klaus, Finn only wanted to die and Kol only cared about drinking human blood. She might be the only reliable family member of Hope who will willingly take care of her. 

Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert had a short cameo in the first season of Legacies, but we need more of her. This Gilbert not only hails from a family of vampire hunters, but he has been blessed with the supernatural quality to hunting them down when they are nearby. This Gilbert definitely deserves more comebacks than that. 

Stephanie Salvatore 

Stephanie Salvatore got a mention in the first season of Legacies but why isn't the daughter of two supernatural creatures enrolled in the Salvatore School for Young and Gifted? Damon and Elena may have turned humans, but Stephanie still hails from a family of doppelgangers, travellers, supernatural vampire hunters. Does that not make her a supernatural creature as well?

Marcel Gerard 

Marcel had been one of the most organised vampires who controlled the mess at New Orleans before the Michaelson families came back to the city with trouble again. Marcel is a really talented boy who knows how to organise and keep everyone happy. He awards people who are loyal to his force and gives second chance to those who make mistakes. Most importantly, he bears the moral responsibility to never hurt children, hence despite his feuds with the Michaelson family members, he never held any grudge against Hope. 

Davina Claire 

Davina Claire is one of the powerful witches from The Originals who had become conscious at a very young age. Despite being a witch she never blindly believed what her ancestors told her and cared enough to take matters in her own hands and make decisions of her own. Davina would be a nice recruit in the team of supernaturals.

Kol Michaelson 

Kol might have been the least loved Michaelson brothers, but he always maintains a calm composure in the presence of her loved one, Davina.  Also, he might be the only evil to defeat uncle Kay who found his way inside Mystic Falls again.