• The Doggy Love motel, complete with a heart-shaped mirror on the ceiling and a headboard resembling a dog bone, was opened for amorous pooches in Brazil, Sao Paulo. The air-conditioned pet love motel room, with a paw print decorative motif, has a special control panel to dim the lights, turn on romantic music or play films.Reuters
  • Besa Grill is a restaurant opened for dogs and is located in Clearwater, Florida. It provides scrambled egg brunch bark bowls, beef meatballs and non-alcoholic bowser beer.Facebook/ Besa Grill
  • The five-star Vancouver's Sutton Place hotel has begun a room service for VIP (very important pets) catering to guests traveling with their faithful dog or cat. Owners can order a gourmet dinner of grilled Alberta beef, T-bone steak or seared fresh tuna filet topped with caviar. The hotel also offers a walking service and pet massages.Reuters
  • Coolbaby Pet Restaurant is the first restaurant specially designed for pets in Beijing. Not only can pets have meals together with their owners, but the recipes on offer are based on nutritional science and tailored for dogs of different breeds, ages and sizes. The restaurant also offers to walk the pets after meals.Reuters
  • The world's first dog luxury hotel 'Canis Resort' in Freising north of Munich is able to accommodate up to 45 dogs in nine heated dog lodges. The 20 dog sitters offer a seven day, 24 hours full service for all dogs, includes grooming, health care, pick-up, and gate-to-gate serviceReuters
  • The Dog Park Cafe is totally for dogs and their owners are certainly neglected. It is located in Temecula, California and it provide dessert menu along with food. It serves Doggie California Roll-over with cod, rice, cheddar, and seaweed.Facebook/Dog Park Cafe
  • The California based Cafe Fina serves 4 oz of chicken breast grilled, burger, 14 oz of grilled and sliced N.Y. steak. The dogs with their owners love to visit this place in Monterey.Facebook/Cafe Fina
  • "Tampopo" in the centre of Kiev is the first restaurant for visitors with their pets in the capital of the ex-Soviet Ukraine.Reuters
  • The Irion hotel is a pet hotel which has a hospital, luxury room, kindergarten, grooming room, training room and a store for pets. It is opened to cater to the rapidly increasing numbers of pet lovers in South Korea.Reuters
  • The Paw Pet-radise Café is opened by dog lovers. The place welcome pets and provides them playgrounds along with food. The café also organises birthday parties for dogs.Facebook/Paw Pet-radise Café

Dogs are man's best friend and also the most loyal creature on earth. People who have pets will agree that canines need love and care just as much as the human babies do.

From feeding them to playing with them, dogs crave their owner's attention all the time. They feel offended if they do not get their share of love. 

Giving a whole new definition to 'puppy love' are these restaurants and motels meant "only for dogs". These are the places that guarantee your poodle is treated luxuriously and fed on a variety of meals.

Check out the slideshow of some such dog havens in the world.