• KFC's Harland Sanders preparing dosa instead of chicken.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Monalisa in a traditional look.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Ravi Varma's Shakunthala painting gets a modern lookGuessWho/Facebook
  • Malayalam actor Prem Nazir as James BondGuessWho/Facebook
  • Mr. Bean as a Kerala landlord.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Marilyn Monroe with a traditional look and western attire.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Micheal Jackson as a Kathakali artist.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Balarama's characters Kuttusan as Superman and Dakini as Lois Lane supporting 'Kiss of Love' campaign.GuessWho/Facebook
  • A mohiniyattam dancer doing Micheal Jackson's break dance.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Balarama characters Vikraman and Muthu as western gangsters.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Ronald McDonald is seen preparing coffee.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Astronaut wearing sari.GuessWho/Facebook
  • Raja Ravi VarmaGuessWho/Facebook
  • Che Guevara wearing Shirt and 'mundu'.GuessWho/Facebook

Fort Kochi, which is world famous for its cultural diversity,  has gotten a new face with graffiti artwork, thanks to an anonymous group called Guess Who. 

From Michael Jackson and Monalisa to KFC's Harland Sanders and Mr. Bean, everyone flaunts a desi avatar on the walls of Fort Kochi.

While western personalities like Michael Jackson and Che Guevara have gotten traditional avatars, local cartoon characters like Kuttoosan and Dakini have become representatives of 'Kiss of Love' campaign in modern attires.

Others like Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, James Hetfield, Karl Marx, Prem Nazir, Tinkle tales' Shikari Shambu, Supandi, kids magazine Balarama's Vikraman, Muthu and many other familiar faces have also found a place on the walls of Kochi in different looks. Many of Raja Ravi Varma's paintings also have gotten a makeover in Guess Who's graffiti

Though in India graffiti is considered as an illegal act if done without the consent of the wall owners, the latest artwork in Kochi has been accepted by many people. 

The artwork has gone viral and has been shared by social media users with many appreciating the efforts of the group and their creativity. 

"As long as there are advertising billboards, there will be graffiti too. Even though there could be a difference in opinion about which is legal and which is not, there should not be no contest as to which is more true," reads the 'about' section of the Facebook page of Guess Who.

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