Irfan Khan promote Madaari at Viviana Mall

June 27, 2016 11:28 IST 1 of 2
Irrfan met Jyoti, who got married in 2004. After one and half years of her marriage, she got pregnant. She was doing well in the initial days of her pregnancy, but after a month suddenly at a routine checkup she found that she was suffering from HIV positive. Hearing this her in - laws and husband abandoned her. After all this she went to her mother’s house to stay but they also refused to accept her and to give her shelter. Suffering from all this she went into depression and decided to commit suicide and end her life. Meanwhile, when she was all alone a lady came to her and suggested her to join the NGO named VIHAAN. Vihaan is a NGO working for HIV patients. M/s Jyoti got connected to the NGO and also got inspired for working for the people who were going through similar situation. Credit: PR Hangout