Young ISIS recruits from 'cub' camps watched in horror as the accused man was beheaded by the executioner.
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Reports have emerged that the Islamic State(ISIS) militants have executed over 100 members with "questionable" loyalty.

The militant members with "questionable allegiance" were executed by the group in Iraq and Syria on the orders of the ISIS leadership.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry report noted that the mass execution of those among the ISIS ranks was a sign that Islamic State is slowly losing its control over people.

"The execution of 100 ISIS militants demonstrates that the group is breaking down," Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban said in a statement posted on the official website of the ministry.

The militants were killed because their allegiance to the group was questionable, said Ghabban, reported Turkish Weekly

Since its phenomenal rise in Syria and Iraq, the ISIS leadership has been forcing civilians, local fighters and even tribal leaders to swear allegiance to the Islamic State and its caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS has executed dozens of civilians, who have refused to swear their loyalty to the group. It should be noted that when one swears allegiance to ISIS, the oath of loyalty is bending and hence he/she will have to support the religious beliefs held by the group.

The oath of allegiance also makes it a must for all to obey the decisions the leader makes, no matter what.

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