A member loyal to the ISIS waves the flag in Raqqa
A member loyal to the ISIS waves the flag in RaqqaReuters

Reports out of Iraq have found that the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group are making huge profits by selling harvested organs of its own dead fighters.

ISIS, is currently one of the richest terrorist groups in the world with an annual revenue of $2 billion. And as per Forbes Israel estimates, ISIS has a daily income of $3 million daily.

One of its main income sources is through the oil wells captured by the group in Iraq and Syria. However, in a shocking revelation, reports from Mosul claim that ISIS has now ventured into selling organs.

Assisted by surgeons and doctors from Saudi Arabia, ISIS reportedly is operating an organs smuggling ring in Mosul. A report citing a local doctor from Mosul stated that ISIS was using 'networks specialised in trafficking human organs.'

Siruwan al-Mosuli, an Iraqi doctor based in Mosul told Al Monitor that 'surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialised in trafficking human organs.'

It were the local residents, who first noticed unusual activities within the medical facilities in Mosul. ISIS reportedly has hired a number of Arab and foreign surgeons. "But they are prohibited to mingle with the local doctors," al Mosuli said.

All the dead ISIS fighters are brought to the medical facilities and their organs are harvested and then sold, he said.

It is strongly suspected that the organs are smuggled out of Iraq and sold in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Besides using its own dead fighters, ISIS has also reportedly been using Yazidis, Christians and other kidnapped people for harvesting of organs.