• ISIS executioners throw two men charged for 'homosexuality' from a roof in Mosul,Iraq.ISIS Media
  • ISIS men stone to death a woman charged with adultery.ISIS Media
  • ISIS executions shoot two thieves on point blank range in Mosul.ISIS Media

The Islamic State (ISIS) militants have released a series of images showing punishments carried out by the group in Iraq that include 'gay' men being thrown off the roof and a stoning woman on charges of being an adulteress .

The series of photo reports has been shared online through Justpaste.it and then circulated widely on Twitter by accounts affiliated to ISIS.

The first of the images in the series show the execution of two men charged with homosexuality. The photo report shows ISIS men throwing the two men down from the roof of a building at least 10-storey high.

The photos which were released by the Islamic State media from the 'Nineveh' province seems to show a series of punishments that are believed to have been all carried out on the same day. It's also believed that the photos were probably released by ISIS around 15 January.

A Daily Beast report noted that the public executions took place in Mosul, the capital of the Islamic State and Iraq's second largest city located in Nineveh province.

Another brutal image shared by ISIS include the stoning of a woman charged for adultery. The photo report shows ISIS men holding the black flag of Islamic State and throwing huge stones at a woman, who is lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The third photo report shows the punishments carried out by the group on two men charged with theft. The images show two ISIS men wearing black masks shooting them at point blank range.

In the areas of Iraq and Syria ruled by the Islamic State such public executions are a common affair.

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