An Iranian woman protesting over death by stoning in Brussels
ISIS militants have publicly executed a female activist for criticizing the group in a Facebook post. (representational image).Reuters file

Reports out of Syria claim that in a first case of death by stoning in the countryside of Hama region, a young woman was charged with adultery.

ISIS also released the video of the stoning, which shows the girl pleading for forgiveness from her father, who quietly watches the entire event 'unmoved.' The married woman allegedly had an affair out of her wedlock, and was hence charged for adultery. 

The stoning video, which appears to be shot on a mobile-phone camera, an ISIS militants seen even counselling the woman to accept her fate as it is the will of God.

The Islamic State that wants to establish a caliphate, governed by the archaic Sharia laws in the past have taken up stoning in Raqqa. Earlier last month, a man was stoned to death by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.

In the five-minute-long video, the ISIS militant tells the girl that "this (stoning) is God's sharia and so she has to be content and happy about the stoning." 

While the details of the young woman's crime remains sketchy, in the video the ISIS militant is heard telling that "she committed adultery" and hence violated herself and God. But now she has to "submit to God's law."  

The ISIS member then asks her if she's content about the punishment, to which the girl is heard saying, "yes."

Watch ISIS Stoning Video of Hama Woman [GRAPHIC]

The most heart-breaking part about the video is that the girl's last wish is to be forgiven by her father for her crime. But in the video, the father stands unmoved.

After much coaxing by the ISIS, the father of the girl, says: "I can't, my heart doesn't obey me. He shouts at her," and then turning to the girl, who is about to be stoned, he tells her: "Don't call me father."  

Finally, when the girl asks her father "pray for me," the father then turns and looks at the ISIS members to start the stoning.

The Hama stoning would generate disgust among those from the West, however, the reaction among the ISIS supporters is different.

A Facebook user and an ISIS member, Abu Fatima, posted the video, saying: "She is willing and accepted it, may Allah accept her repentance, she paid a heavy price for it. This is beauty of Islam and this will establish on this land whether you murtadeen and your allies in the West like it or not."

The authenticity of the video,however,could not be verified independtly.

Video: Married Woman Stoned for Adultery in Hamas by ISIS

Earlier in July, reports had emerged that in a span of mere 24 hours, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had carried out two stoning executions in Syria, over allegations of "adultery".

The reports out of Syria had found that in at least one case, a woman was sentenced to death as her new husband found that she was not a virgin. Both incidents of death by stoning were reported from Al Raqqa Province, which is the operational base of ISIS in Syria.