• Guillermo Díaz was born in New Jersey on 22 March 1975.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • The celeb began his acting career when he was 19 years old.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • He played the role of detective Frank Cordero in science fiction drama 'No Ordinary Family'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • Díaz received several negative criticisms for his role as a gay nurse Angel in NBC series 'Mercy'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • He is said to have a partner named Claude.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • Díaz was appreciated by critic for his role in Ethan Hawke's 'Just One Time'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • He portrayed Latino gangster Poh Boy in Kevin Smith's movie 'Cop Out'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • The celeb was part of Britney Spears' musical video 'I Wanna Go'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz
  • Díaz is currently working with Shonda Rhimes' hit series on ABC, 'Scandal'.Instagram/Guillermo Díaz

American actor Guillermo Díaz, who portrays Huck/Diego Munoz on ABC's popular crime drama "Scandal", celebrates his 40th birthday on Sunday, 22 March.

Born in 1975, he began his journey to the world of entertainment as Spike through Boaz Yakin's film, "Fresh", in 1994 and his acting career kicked off in 1995 with Nigel Finch's "Stonewall".

Díaz is known for his roles as drug dealer Scarface in Tamra Davis' "Half Baked" and a non-speaking Dave in 1999 movie "200 Cigarettes".

Before joining "Scandal" as Huck in 2012, the celeb was part of several popular television shows including Jenji Kohan's "Weeds", Michael Crichton's "ER", Dick Wolf's "Law & Order" and Dave Chappelle's "Chappelle's Show".

Díaz grew up in Washington Heights, Manhattan, with his Cuban parents and is openly gay.

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