ISIS has recruits from all over the world. This image shows ISIS militants from China.
ISIS has recruits from all over the world. This image shows ISIS militants from China fighting for the Islamic State in Syria.ISIS Media

Britain has arrested the son of Rochdale councillor and eight other members of his family upon their arrival from Turkey. They were deported from Turkey for attempting to join Islamic State (Isis) in Syria.

The nine members arrived in UK on Tuesday and were arrested by detectives at Birmingham Airport on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, West Midlands Police said, Jerusalem Post reported.

The British citizens were arrested by the Turkish security forces near the Syrian border on 1 April, while trying to enter Syria to allegedly join Isis.

Shakil Ahmed, the local Rochdale councillor, in a statement denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of his son Waheed Ahmed. Rochdale councillor said that he thought that his son was in Birmingham and was shocked to learn of his arrest.

The arrest of the British nationals in Turkey has generated quite some interest among the local news sources in the country, especially as it emerged that the group included four children and the 22-year old son of a British local politician, AFP reported.

Waheed's father Shakil Ahmed, a councillor for the opposition Labour party on Rochdale Borough Council in the north of the country also has been questioned by MI6. 

According to the British security services, there are at least 600 Britons, who have fled to Syria to join Isis. 

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