• Another explosion at a chemical plant has rocked China's Zhejiang provinceWeibo
  • The blaze was said to be "very fierce".Weibo
  • This is the third blast to have hit China.Weibo
  • The blast took place at a chemical factory. 200 workers were at the plant when the fire broke out in the afternoon.Weibo

China was rocked by yet another massive explosion at a chemical factory, leading to a major fire on Monday. The latest incident took place in Zhejiang province, however, there were no reports of casualties so far.

Some local reports claimed that the fire broke out at the chemical plant belonging to Ming Chemical Company Ltd, situated in Lishui City Development Zone.

An eyewitness told China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN) that the fire broke out around 3.35pm (local time). The fire was reported to be "very fierce". 

Firefighters were at the scene. Eyewitnesses reported of thick smoke and flames 100 metres high at the site. [Photo Gallery]

There were over 200 workers at the Ming Chemical factory when the fire broke out.

This is the third major explosion at any Chinese factory within a month. A massive explosion at the industrial zone of Lijin, Dongying City of Shandong had killed five people on 31 August.

Before that, blasts at a Tianjin factory on 12 August--one of the deadliest industrial accidents in China--had claimed nearly 150 lives. As many as 800 people were reported injured in the incident.