• An explosion has been reported in a chemical factory in Lijin China.Weibo
  • The explosion took place in an industrial area.Weibo
  • This is the second time an explosion has take place at a chemical industrial zone in China.Weibo

Another massive explosion rocked China on Monday night. The local reports state that eyewitnesses saw and heard a loud explosion at the industrial zone of Lijin, Dongying City of Shandong.

People's Daily China said on its official Twitter account that the explosion took place at around 11.25 pm in the industrial zone of Lijin. There are no reports of any casualty or injury as yet.

The impact of the blast was reportedly felt even 50km away. [via Grasswire]

Images shared by eyewitnesses show the blast lighting up the night sky, followed by mushroom-like thick black smokes filling up the air.

The videos of the incident shared on Weibo shows a massive fireball, followed by the huge explosion that knocked off the camera. 

Chinese social media users claimed that the blast took place at the chemical plant owned by Shandong Binyuan Chemical Co. Ltd, located in Lijin Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, 310 km from Tianjin port.

The Chinese industrial park -- Lijin Economic Development Zone -- houses several leading industries, including petrochemicals, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceutical, textile, machinery and electronics, thermal power, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products.

The Dongying News website - run by the Dongying city government announced that one person was killing the blast, CTV News reported. The authorities have arrested six executives of the company and have launched an investigation.

The accident comes weeks after the deadly Tianjin blast, which left nearly 150 dead and 800 injured. The blasts at a chemical warehouse in the Tianjin port city earlier this month is one of deadliest industrial accidents in China.