The Zayn Malik-Perrie Edwards break up came as a major shock to many. And just when everyone thought that the "Little Mix" band member was coping with the split in a strong way, she broke down in the middle of a performance. Now it looks like Zayn is regretting. Is it possible that the two may consider reuniting?

Recently, Perrie Edwards cried on stage in the middle of a Live Stream performance, an event that was held to mark the fourth anniversary of "Little Mix". And this apparently has left Zayn feeling guilty. According to the latest reports, ever since Zayn got to know about Perrie's emotional breakdown, he has been trying to reach out to his ex.

Malik broke up with Edwards through a text message. But the "Little Mix" singer has been playing strong, letting everyone believe that the break up has been taken well by her. Now, her emotional reaction has left even Zayn thinking if he had messed up things really bad.

Hollywood Life reported that the former "One Direction" band member is regretting his actions and wants to apologise for it. He has been calling and texting Perrie, but she has not been responding. "He sees how hard she's taking everything and he feels like a world class d***. He's been calling and texting her just to see how she's doing and talk but Perrie isn't answering," a source said.

Apparently, Zayn never thought that things would get this worse. "The thing is Zayn really didn't intend on things turning out this way. He can be far too sensitive and he felt Perrie was really letting him get blasted in the media," the source added.

Could this mean that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards may actually consider getting back together?