Selena Gomez has made it back to the headlines and this time it isn't for Justin Bieber, but Zayn Malik.

The former "One Direction" member had sent Zayn Malik-Selena Gomez dating rumours flying after he started following the "Come and Get it" singer on Twitter. This happened just a few days after his break-up with Perrie Edwards.

Jelena fans went into a frenzy, wondering what will happen to Justin if Selena and Zayn become an item, but the air was cleared when Gomez, for the first time addressed this dating rumour.

The singer, during an interview (via Pop Crush) with the BBC's Chris Stark and Scott Mills on 14 August, confessed that she wasn't even aware of the fact that Zayn Malik was following her. But at the same time, she mentioned that she doesn't find it weird, as they know each other. She also mentioned that she was not aware that people were talking about it.

"I had no idea what that was until somebody else asked me. Obviously I know Zayn, though, so it's not like a weird thing. I just didn't know who followed me. Thanks for the follow, Zayn!" said Selena. 

When asked if she had followed him back yet, she said: "Did I [follow him back]? I don't know, I don't think I did but I will right now. I should do it."

It appears Selena has not done that as yet. But Justin Bieber fans, who have been waiting to see the singer get back together with Selena, need not worry about Zayn Malik.