Yuvraj Singh with Huma Anjum
Yuvraj Singh with Huma AnjumHuma Anjum/Twitter

Fans would go to any length to grab the attention of their heroes, more so if the person happens to be someone as popular as Yuvaraj Singh. One way is to play a prank, which is what one of his fans recently did, on social media.  

Yuvaraj Singh, who has many female fans, was baffled when he noticed a strange tweet that landed on his Twitter handle, prompting him to ask: "Just noticed something on the phone! Koi batayega yeh Huma kaun hai?" (somebody tell me who is this Huma).

He posted the tweet after a guessing game was put on the cricket page of UC browser, asking people to vote for a question, "Who will make the best couple with Yuvraj Singh?" and the options given were Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Huma Anjum. Strangely, even when fans selected Alia or Shraddha, the final answer was shown as Huma.

The mischevious quiz was posted by Huma Anjum, working as product manager at UC Browser. She went ahead and even tweeted the question to Yuvraj Singh, which is when the cricketer got curious about it. 

After it was noticed by Yuvraj, Huma shared a video, in which she mentioned how much she loves him and apologised to him for using her name in the quiz, saying it was just to grab his attention.

Watch the video below:

Huma's employer UC Browser also came up with an apology and informed Yuvi that they will take appropriate action against her and added she want to apologise to him personally.

We understand Huma is your biggest fan! She wants to apologize to you personally! It would make her day! #MeetingYuvi @YUVSTRONG12

 Yuvraj, who took the matter quite sportingly, informed the company "Thik hai @UCBrowserIndia focus on cricket rather than our personal lives. Sure I can meet this crazy fan soon!"

On Tuesday, Huma posted a photo with Yuvraj thanking the cricketer.