YU finally confirmed that the Yutopia is set to release on 7 December but there are some questions that are still left unanswered, such as the handset's unrevealed specs. Lucky for us, the only person (at least publicly known) using the Yutopia smartphone shared some thoughtful insights about the handset. After an exclusive interview with the MotoGrapher aka Sundeep Gajjar, we found some interesting hints about what one can expect with Yutopia.

Firstly, since MotoGrapher was avidly testing Yutopia's camera, we found it fitting to dig a little deeper into that aspect. It is unknown what type of camera sensor Yutopia will sport or how many megapixels it will pack, but MotoGrapher's images speak for themselves. With the quality of the images shared by the renowned travel journalist, we can only expect the best camera specs onboard.

After using Yutopia throughout his road trip to Austria in BMW i8, Gajjar was highly impressed with the handset.

"I would definitely recommend YUTOPIA to all the photography enthusiasts," Gajjar told IBT, India.

We were too keen to know if Yutopia can outbid the premium competitors in the market, so we asked MotoGrapher about his experience using Yutopia and iPhone 6 Plus in the past.

"I must say I am very impressed with the image output quality and the final results [of Yutopia] as compared to the competition [iPhone 6 Plus]," he said.

Gajjar was vocal about his appreciation for Yutopia's capability to shoot in low light conditions, which suggests the lens has an extremely low aperture to let light pass through for a better quality image. Looking at some samples of the low-light images, we also predict there is going to be a real-tone flash that does not change the true colour of the subject.

Besides, Gajjar also applauded the Panorama quality of Yutopia, which by the looks of the camera samples suggests a high-end camera sensor.

After all the camera testing, our curiosity pointed towards the battery, which is one of the major concerns in smartphones these days. Being a power-user and mostly on the road, Gajjar said Yutopia lasted for a "full day."

Yu has already mocked OnePlus and Apple for lacking the latest battery tech. That said, Yutopia will come with quick charge technology and a battery that will last longer than iPhones.

With all the hype built around the Yutopia, we will bring you live updates of Yutopia's launch on 7 December directly from New Delhi.